Hustle Carbon Fiber Wallet


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Hustle Carbon Fiber Wallet
Hustle Carbon Fiber Wallet
Hustle Carbon Fiber Wallet

How bad do you want a compact wallet that can protect you and your data against credit card thieves?

An RFID wallet for men would be FANTASTIC in this case!

Maybe you need a minimalist wallet that lets you take the credit cards out of it very easy or one that would fit perfectly your everyday office outfits.

byteSwag’s Carbon Fiber Wallet was carefully manufactured to keep the wireless thieves away from your personal data while being COMPACT to fit any of your pockets and sturdy to keep your credit cards and some cash SECURE!

Here’s why you should have it:

  • SAFETY: We tested and built our RFID system to block up to 14 MHz frequencies, meaning your credit cards, driver licenses and other IDs will be SAFE at all times.
  • FITS ANY POCKET: Your new slim mens wallet can hold up to 12 cards and still be COMPACT enough to fit any of your pockets, be it front pocket, pants or jacket pockets.
  • SCRATCH RESISTANT: The carbon fiber slim wallet is made of 3k grade carbon fiber with a coating resilient to scratches. Of course, it works against usual ‘pocket’ scratches, not against bad intended key scratches.
  • REMOVABLE MONEY CLIP: Sometimes you need to go out without any cash on you. We completely saw that coming and made the money clip removable so you can easily take it out when you need to.

The byteSwag’ carbon wallet is the right choice when it comes to getting rid of your old leather wallet. Plus, your choice is backed by our 100% money back guarantee  so there’s basically no downside of this deal for you.

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